Useful Information for Authors and Illustrators

Royalty payments to your PayPal account will be from

Please send me your email linked to PayPal if it is different from your usual contact email.



ordering books: email the Press first for a quote and then PayPal the amount to


There are usually three speeds for printing, 1 day, 2 day and 5 day for Paperback, and 2,3 and 7 day for hardcover.

Around the holidays print times are 14 days for hardcover and 7-10 days for paperback.

(very large orders may take additional time).


Print cost increases as time decreases, so the longer print time is the cheapest option.

Shipping charges also vary. Basic uninsured and non-trackable shipments are around $4 (varies by the specifics of the book and number ordered) for 1 book + handling.

Books can be ‘drop shipped’ to anywhere you want them without any additional charge.


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