Diana Lynne Hoffman

Diana Lynne Hoffman lives in Eugene, OR, and has been writing children's picture books for over eight years. Her first book, Lighting the Earth, (Aurora Books 2014)  won the 2015 Skipping Stones Honor Award and the 2015 Family Choice Award.


Diana has always loved the use of words, primarily through the hearing, telling, reading, and writing of stories. She has early memories of sitting on her Nana's lap listening to her read book after book after book. But what she remembers having affected her love of words most is the enchanting bedtime tales of magic and wonder masterfully woven by her father, Hon. Joseph Nadeau.


Diana always writes with the intention of encouraging and inspiring her audiences. "There is a great need for children's picture books that speak straight to the heart of the child, bringing them upliftment and confidence in themselves," says Diana. She has recently completed further manuscripts for children, and is currently editing a manuscript written by eight year old Africawit Brooks, as well as writing two biographical books for adult audiences.


History of Lighting the Earth:


In the year 2008, Diana awoke at 4:00 a.m. with an inspiration to write. In the wee hours of the morning while her family slept, she wrote a complete first draft of Lighting the Earth. "It is a story inspired by my desire to celebrate my daughter's budding gifts, and to express deep appreciation for those who have encouraged me in my life," says Diana.


Though that early morning first draft went through countless rewrites and edits, the heart of the original story remains unchanged. In 2011, Diana asked her college friend, Karen Brough, if she would illustrate the story. Six years after the initial creation of Lighting the Earth, the book became published, winning great attention including two awards. "I am so pleased and grateful that Lighting the Earth is now in the hands of children everywhere," Diana comments.


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