The Eco-Justice Press Newsletter - January 2018


A Hummingbird's Tale:

Henry's Great Race

by K.K. Wallace

illustrated by Richard Sauer

58 pages, 8.5" x 8.5"

Color Illustrations

ISBN 13 - 978-1-945432-19-4



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Available now!

The Tiny Art Gallery Book

by David Diethelm


Over 60 color pictures of the art and Gallery.

$14.95 +S/H


Pola's Flower

by Diana Nadeau

illustrated by Lobsang Gyatso

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for $16.95+S/H


Table of Contents:



A Note From the Publisher



Developing a Language to Support Healthy Partnerships in Powerful Place-based Education: The Experience of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

by Ethan Lowenstein & Nigora Erkaeva



Freedom, Justice And Sustainability—

Do We Really Know What We Are Doing?

by Rolf Jucker



Re-Imagining Education for Eco-Justice:

Through the Lens of Systems Thinking, Collective

Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Wisdom

by Thomas Nelson & John A. Cassell



Relational thinking in the humanities and social

sciences: The educational dimension of eco-justice

by Joseph Progler



Two Faces Of Eco-Justice In Chinese Society:

De-Capitalizing Schooling Reform For A Sustainable Future

by Chun-Ping Wang



How the Technology of Print Promotes

Abstract Thinking

by Chet Bowers




by Chet Bowers




Paperback $16.95 + S/H

124 pages, 7"x10"

ISBN 978-1-945432-02-6

Eco-Justice: Essays on Theory and Practice in 2016



Waiting Patiently

Written and Illustrated

by Karen Brough

Due to high volume, delivery time will be ~14 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Little Pug’s Dreams

by Anne Dupré


Paperback $13.95 Retail price

42 pages, 6"x9"

Color Illustrations

ISBN 13 - 978-1-945432-13-2



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