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Tibet, My Country

by Diana Nadeau

illustrated by Lobsang Gyatso


2016 Khyentse Foundation

Akosha Grant Award



Metog-ma's childhood has been infused with Tibet's rich heritage and colorful traditions, just like the canvases of her grandfather’s great Thangka paintings. For all of her young life, Metog-ma's grandfather, Po-la, has offered her his loving attention, silently preparing her to face the grave changes of the looming government takeover of 1959. It is only through her grandfather's kindness and wisdom that Metog-ma recognizes her inner strength which allows her to survive the loss of her world. Tibet, My Country subtly and gently presents the experience of loss from a child’s perspective. It’s quiet message reaches hidden depths, giving children an age-appropriate and practical outlook on life and love.



"Although I am 96, Tibet, My Country brings me back to my childhood with memories of my beloved grandpa telling me stories of the six dragons flying in the sky and a mare galloping across the vast plains, they are stories from the first two chapters of the I Ching; Qian, The Initiating, and Kun, The Responding.


I believe every grandpa should read this book. Although it is a book for children, I think that every grandpa who reads this will be able to light a divine light in their grandchild's innocent hearts, just as Diana has done with her writing.


I strongly believe that if Diana had not had years of intensive training in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, and if she did not take the challenge of applying her practice to everyday life, she would not nor could not ever write such inspiring and encouraging books for her audiences.”



— Master Alfred Huang, author of The Complete I Ching, Understanding the I Ching,

The Numerology of the I Ching, and Dragon Flying in the Sky

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