A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo

by Diana Nadeau

illustrated by Norinne Powers

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66 Pages 11"x8.5" b/w coloring book





66 Pages 11"x8.5" b/w coloring book





A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo captures a bright and fun snapshot of diversity in action. Six children with six different opinions of the same zoo share their stories, portraying how and why people disagree. The message simple and clear, the illustrations striking and playful, this unique book grabs the attention of its young readers. Geared for children 5-8 years of age, A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo plants the seeds of impartiality and equity.



A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo conveys a poignant and relevant message of inclusion and diversity and offers a roadmap to a more peaceful and equitable world. With respectful language and inclusive images, this book demonstrates the significance and validity of differing perspectives.

Rich, playful illustrations warm the pages of this lovely book. A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo is a beacon of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion.


– Karen Brough LCSW, Award-winning Author and Illustrator of Waiting Patiently



A wonderful story about how one zoo is seen differently through the eyes of six children.

A Zoo is a Zoo is a Zoo is a clear, simple portrayal of the Buddhist notion that experiences arise from our mind, which creates our reality. This story leaves the reader with a sense of wonder about life’s boundless possibilities and our role within them.


– Matt Shinkai Kane, Founder of Blue Cliff Zen Center

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