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About Eco-Justice Press



The purpose of Eco-Justice Press is to provide a venue for scholars, writers, and activists who wish to contribute to educational reforms that focus on ecologically and culturally sustainable theories, ideas, issues and practices. We seek to promote an advanced level of informed discussion by classroom teachers, university professors, and the general public about the role of education in making the transition to a sustainable future. Thus, we invite others to participate in a critique of traditional patterns of thinking and values that underlie an individualistic/consumer-dependent/industrial culture, and in articulating a more social and eco-justice paradigm.


An international editorial board and members of a larger team of scholars and practitioners will review manuscripts submitted to Eco-Justice Press. While acknowledging the grass roots changes taking place worldwide, such as school and community organic gardens, recycling efforts, the “greening” of buildings, and local traditions of community self-sufficiency, Eco-Justice Press reviewers will assess the quality and suitability of manuscript submissions that focus on pedagogical and curricular reforms that address the cultural roots of the ecological crisis. Moreover, special attention will be given to analyses and reform proposals that take account of differences in cultural ways of knowing, existing traditions of ecologically sustainable practices, and how to promote ecologically sustainable thinking across the curriculum. We seek manuscripts that are informed by an awareness of diverse scholarly traditions in the social sciences and humanities that focus on a deep understanding and critique of cultural traditions that continue to exacerbate the ecological crisis, social injustice, and the colonization of other cultures. We are intent on promoting traditions that strengthen community traditions of mutual support, intergenerational knowledge, and skills that reduce dependence upon consumerism, and that reinforce the exercise of ecological intelligence.



About the annual 'Eco-Justice: Theory and Practice.


Now in its third year, we present a wide range of topics relating to eco-justice, by authors from Europe, Africa, and the Americas. We are pleased to give the authors a new venue to present their thoughts and we appreciate their contributions. Find previous Theory and Practice books under the 'books' menu.


Submitted essays are double blind reviewed.

Essay submission for 2018 are open. Read more here.