Angela McCrimmon


Award-Winning Poet, Writer, Public Speaker, Mental Health Activist

Who is Angela McCrimmon?


She’s a survivor

I vaguely remember my eyes flickering open as they responded to a sudden burst of light. It took a few moments for my eyes and my brain to act in synchronisation but an even longer moment to remind my heart to reignite for breath. When they eventually came together my stomach hit the floor realising the bright light was that of a flashlight and the delay was not dissimilar to the moment when you wake in the night to the relief that you have awoken from a dream. That moment when you are caught between the line of your subconscious and the line of reality. The problem was that I wasn’t awakening from a dream. I was in the midst of a nightmare and the most terrifying part was that I was fully awake. I had been admitted to the Psychiatric Ward….again! Read more on her website


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