Anne Dupré

Anne Dupré is a retired English professor from Molloy College.


She writes: After the death of my son I turned to Eastern philosophies for comfort, hoping to absorb their wisdom of compassion and mindfulness.


When I was finally able to contemplate, writing became my sanctuary. I wrote stories about the adventures of my little pug and her return in her dreams to a far-off time in ancient Tibet. They were tales of compassion and mindfulness.


I wrote stories about a boy with a wonderful imagination and a talent for writing stories. Stories that Dan should have written.


Eight years after his death I knew it was time to write Dan’s story.


As I journeyed with my son from darkness to light, I focused on the arts, an important part of who Dan was. Seeing how naturally my memories of Dan intertwined with my childhood memories brought me to the place where my son and I are connected.


That's the inspiration and spiritual message in the book.


At the end of my journey I was celebrating Dan and his consanguinity with the natural beauty surrounding us. Writing offered me consolation and hope and points a way to all who have lost loved ones.



Author of The Little Pug's Dreams, It's Time to Tell a Story
and The Brightest Star in the Sky


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