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AstroYoga for an Aquarian Age

by Emily Ridout


Combine astrology and yoga to tap into your cosmic purpose


In AstroYoga for an Aquarian Age, AstroYoga specialist Emily Ridout layers together the theory and practices that help you tap into the powers of the cosmos within. Discover how to apply astrology to yoga to unlock a sense of deeper purpose and alignment with the universe and yourself. Exploring the pages of this book will help you use AstroYoga to examine the character of time and your place within it. Ultimately, the AstroYoga concepts in this book encourage transcending theory and stepping into the fullness of your being through the informed, intuitive dance with the planets, stars, and luminaries.


Take your yoga practice to the next energetic level using the zodiac


Dive into the theory and practice of AstroYoga to enter into a deep contemplation of the cosmos and its connection to the many layers of the human form. Consider how energetic channels, layers of the subtle body, biological function, and the chakra system interact with the zodiac, planets, and luminaries. Gain an understanding of the zodiac to view your body and your yoga practice in a new way.


Discover greater satisfaction, peace, and joy with AstroYoga


The nature of AstroYoga is participatory, meaning you can interact with your body and the cosmos to affect change. Practice AstroYoga to create wellbeing and alignment in various areas of your life, starting within yourself. In the Aquarian Age, more people will step into the fullness of their beings to release suffering and embody greater satisfaction, peace, and joy. The theory and practice of AstroYoga can help you create alignment in the dawning age to come.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Embodied Astrology Eloquently Explained

Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2023


I’ve been following Emily Ridout’s AstroYoga teachings for a bit of time and my life is richer for it. I was thrilled when I learned she was writing this book, mostly to have a reference for my own understanding as I follow the movement of Astrological happenings and work with the energies in my own body in my yoga practice. This book does not disappoint! Not only is it a joy to read and contemplate, it brings such conciseness to the subject. She beautifully breaks down the vastnesses of the Zodiac and masterfully applies it to our own lived experience as embodied beings. I am continually learning and discovering every time I read. This book will continue to help open doors of understanding in my AstroYoga practice. I recommend for those that want a deeper understanding of Astrology and how to apply Astrology to your own lived experience; and if you practice Yoga, get ready, because your practice will move to a whole new level!



Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Clear, Accessible, Extremely High Quality Information

Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2023


I happen to live in the same town as the author and I am also a professional astrologer and yoga teacher (5 years of the former and 13 years of the latter). I have been blending these sister sciences for a few years now, and many students have asked if I am familiar with Emily's work. While I have heard about her as an excellent yoga teacher, I was not aware of her AstroYoga practice, and so I purchased this book on the release date to learn more about how she approaches the combination of practices. I am thoroughly impressed!!! This book is simple enough for a beginner in each practice to grasp and begin to understand the basics, but also robust and thorough enough to enrich and support more experienced practitioners. The author even uses herself as the demonstrator in images of postures in the book. It is clear that she has a solid foundation in integrating both practices in her life and is grounded in her commitment to teach and share these tools with open seekers. 10/10, would highly recommend to any of my yoga and astrology clients with an appetite for this work!



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