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A bit about the Tiny Art Gallery:


This project is inspired by the ​Little Free Library movement. It is a way to get more people thinking about and personally interacting with art, and Being able to have a close up view of art is not all that common, unless you make art or buy it. That's where the ​Tiny Art Gallery (TAG) comes in.


Community artists borrow art supplies and a canvas and make a tiny piece of art (around 2"x2", or 2"x3") and put it in the Gallery.


The unique aspect of the Tiny Art Gallery - home art shows with photos for the artists to see.

Neighbors may borrow (and return) a piece of art (with easel) and take it home to display. They are asked to take a photo and email it to so it can be displayed on the website. Each piece in the TAG will be photographed, and displayed on the gallery page. Your art will be seen on the website, on postcards and in color paperback books.



Patrons assistance will be very helpful in keeping the TAG supplied.


Please check out the donation page for those wanting to monetarily support the project.

Postcards and paperback books with art from the Galleries are rewards for patrons.




Check out TAG's Patreon page.

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