David Diethelm

Publisher and Artist

Co-founder of Eco-Justice Press with Chet Bowers. Previous work in 3D computer visualization and graphic design.


David is a fine artist and the Publisher of Eco-Justice Press and lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Laura, and two adorable cats.


Art interests include painting in oil and watercolor, pastel, and encaustic.

Artwork is for sale Here.


Author of 'The Tiny Art Gallery: A Tiny Community Art Project'

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Covid Paintings:

Delta, Omicron and Beyond


44  pages, 8" x 8"

Color illustrations.





Covid Paintings:

The Signs Were There | Covid Bubbles | And Other Works

by David Diethelm

A collection of full color offset printed reproductions of paintings done during the pandemic. Series highlights from 'The Signs Were There', 'Covid Bubbles', and Inside With Pastries'.

$16.50 + S/H

David and the Bear

Written by Jerry Diethelm

Illustrated by David Diethelm

Now available!

34  pages, 8.5" x 8.5"

Color illustratons.

Hardcover - Collector's Edition

ISBN 978-1-945432-32-3




Ebook now available for

$0.99 Here


Now Available

56  pages, 6.5" x 6.5"

Color an B/W photos.


ISBN 978-1-945432-35-4




The ‘’Stochastikós” in the title is the Greek origin of the English “stochastic”.

Since the photos are quite random, it seemed right.


The images that started this project relate to road construction. I found odd wrapped hydrants quite intriguing - a fashion show of sorts. The ‘shaming’ of various equipment is totally unintended, but when anthropomorphizing it becomes hilarious.

Most of the remaining images are just interesting patterns seen while walking around the neighborhood.


Proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward the funding of the Tiny Art Gallery project.


TinyArtGallery.org for more information, or here for the Tiny Art Gallery book.

The Tiny Art Gallery Book


Paperback, 8" x 10", 46 Full color pages with over 60 pictures of the art and the Gallery. ISBN 978-1-945432-17-0

$14.95 +S/H


What is The Tiny Art Gallery?



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