Eco-Justice: Essays on Theory and Practice in 2016


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This is the first Theory and Practice from Eco-Justice Press. We present to you a wide range of topics relating to eco-justice, by authors from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We are pleased to give the authors a new venue to present their thoughts and we appreciate their contributions. Also, we thank Chet Bowers for writing the After-word.


The idea for this book arose because it seemed a ‘where are we now’ perspective on how eco-justice principles are being thought about and practiced seemed useful—we hope you agree. This ongoing discussion will hopefully benefit all.


Essay submission for 2018 are open. Read more here.


Table of Contents:



A Note From the Publisher



Developing a Language to Support Healthy Partnerships in Powerful Place-based Education: The Experience of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

by Ethan Lowenstein & Nigora Erkaeva



Freedom, Justice And Sustainability—

Do We Really Know What We Are Doing?

by Rolf Jucker



Re-Imagining Education for Eco-Justice:

Through the Lens of Systems Thinking, Collective

Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Wisdom

by Thomas Nelson & John A. Cassell



Relational thinking in the humanities and social

sciences: The educational dimension of eco-justice

by Joseph Progler



Two Faces Of Eco-Justice In Chinese Society:

De-Capitalizing Schooling Reform For A Sustainable Future

by Chun-Ping Wang



How the Technology of Print Promotes

Abstract Thinking

by Chet Bowers




by Chet Bowers




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