Eco-Justice: Essays on Theory and Practice in 2017


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This is the second Theory and Practice from Eco-Justice Press.


We present to you a wide range of topics relating to eco-justice, by authors from Europe, Africa, and the Americas. We also celebrate the contributions of C.A. Bowers.


We are pleased to give the authors a new venue to present their thoughts and we appreciate their contributions.


Essay submission for 2018 are open. Read more here.




Table of Contents:



A Note From the Publisher



Celebrating the Contributions of Chet A. Bowers

by Audrey M. Dentith, David Flinders, John Lupinacci, Jennifer Thom




Developing Eco-literacy Through an Integrated Model: A Primer for Eco-Justice Education Curricula

by Andrejs Kulnieks, Dan Roronhiakewen Longboat, Kelly Young




Improving Learning And Social Outcomes For Children In An Informal Settlement:  A Case Study In South Africa

by Chris Reddy




Becoming Rescuers

by Sandra Lubarsky




Language Matters: Cultivating Responsible Language Practices Through the EcoJustice Framework

by Agnes Caroline Krynski




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