In the Grip of the Past: Educational Reforms that Address What Should Be Changed and What Should be Conserved


By C. A. Bowers


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With natural systems being exploited at an unsustainable rate, with technologies displacing the need for workers and now even professors, with print-based technologies undermining the intergenerational achievements in the areas of civil liberties and the cultural commons, it is now time for educational reformers to question the idea that students must be educated to become change agents. The industrial culture, now driven by digital technologies, is transforming cultures on a global scale. And they are being transformed in ways that serve the interests of environmentally destructive and profit-oriented corporations. The essays in this collection highlight reforms that teachers can introduce in classrooms––reforms that will enable students to become aware of the traditions within their own cultures that must be renewed in ways that ensure the prospects of future generations. Students must also be challenged to consider the traditions that need to be changed. The tensions between what needs to be conserved and what needs to be changed are the critical issues that will not be raised by the experts working to create a seamless world of digital communication and thought. For reasons explained in the book’s essays, this is the mindset that it habituated to constant change––a mindset with no sense of what is being lost that are sources of community self-sufficiency and empowerment.





Chapter 1



Chapter 2

Is Transformative Learning UNESCO’s Colonizing Agenda for Global Educational Reform?


Chapter 3

Language Issues that Should be the Central Focus in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies


Chapter 4

Toward an Ecologically Informed Paradigm for Thinking about Educational Reforms


Chapter 5

One of the Political Legacies of Print-Dominated Thinking: Ayn Rand’s Justification of the Pursuit of a Life of Selfishness


Chapter 6

How the Coming Online Revolution in Higher Education will Lead to the Elimination of Faculty


Chapter 7

Is Using Computers in the Classrooms of Oral/Tradition-Centered Cultures an Affirming Technology or a Trojan Horse?


Chapter 8

Rethinking Social Justice Issues within an Eco-Justice Conceptual and Moral Framework


Chapter 9

The Occupy Movement and the Cultural Commons: A Missed Opportunity




ISBN 978-0-9891296-1-9  (Paperback)

978-0-9891296-2-6 (e-book)

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