Judith Elliot McDonald

An established playwright, McDonald turns her abundant imagination
to a story of haunted memories and sublime transformation.

Raised in Philadelphia, she has lived in Oregon for many years.

Feargus is McDonald’s debut novel.


Award-Winning Finalist in the  the 2019 International Book Awards.

A deeply moving multi-themed literary tale of a beloved, heroic dog,

a woman with a dark and joyless history with dogs,

and a ruthless feral pack with its own ideas about life and redemption.

The Oregon Coast, 1992-2005


Tracy has a dark and complicated history with dogs. She must confront her past when her new committed partner presses her to bring a rescue dog into their lives. A collage of memories raises feelings of guilt and loss regarding both her early life experiences, and about Feargus, a dog with whom she had once been acquainted, and who continues to haunt her thoughts.

Feargus’ life is unveiled in vivid and fascinating detail. He enjoys a rich but unstable early life and is at times subject to neglect and abuse, but his strength and integrity lead him to a life of faithfulness and heroism.

Five previously domesticated dogs, all having suffered some form of abuse or neglect, have bonded into a feral pack. They learn to forage, stay safe, find food and eventually experience their first, but not their last, taking of blood.

McDonald relates this trio of tales with an audacious, contemporary style. Her fully realized world is irresistibly imagined, and places love, loyalty and guilt at the forefront of the idea of dogs in contemporary life.

Feargus is McDonald's debut novel.

226 pages, 6" x 9"


ISBN 978-1-945432-31-6


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