Karen Brough

Karen Brough was raised in a family of artists and writers. She has practiced both since childhood. Karen worked as a freelance Art Director for ten years. During her time as an Art Director she did graphic design, illustration, and copywriting. Later, when her two children were in elementary school, Karen began writing children’s books. She had not yet illustrated her own books when her good friend Diana Lynne Hoffman asked her to illustrate Lighting the Earth. Karen is very pleased that she was able to take on the project and that it has received two awards.


Karen is currently working on illustrating a lovely story that she has written about a preschool age child who is waiting patiently for her new baby brother or sister to be born. Set in New England, it is a gentle telling of a magical time in childhood when Mommy uses her grandmother’s gravy boat to serve warm maple syrup on pancakes, and Daddy teaches beautiful bird songs.


Karen also has written an enchanting story of three children and their parents living in a summer cottage on the ocean. The fun begins when the family comes home one evening to find a mother raccoon and her kits making themselves at home in the cottage.


After her children's books are illustrated, Karen will be illustrating a longer story that she has written for readers of all ages. This story takes place in a mountain town in northern New England and is lyrically told with poetry and prose. It is a modern mythological tale of a Pagan community, the nature holidays, and a very special pair of eastern black bears.


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