Lighting the Earth


Written by Diana Lynne Nadeau

Illustrated by Karen Brough


2015 Family Choice Award Winner


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Since Sashi can remember, her mother has told her that she was born to Light the Earth. Although a little too young to understand the full meaning, Sashi knows that her mother’s words are important. Try as she may, year after year, Sashi struggles with this simple but profound wisdom. However through persistence and trust, she awakens to her mother’s guidance, only to become the radiant expression of humanity she was meant to be. Through simple, easy-to-understand language and delightful illustrations, Lighting the Earth beautifully addresses universal questions such as, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Children of all ages will feel truly inspired to follow their inner strengths, and adults will see the importance of lovingly guiding children as they follow their own journeys.




Praise for Lighting the Earth


There is so much extraordinary beauty packed into Lighting the Earth. The story, told by Diana Lynne Nadeau, can be used to discuss many different topics for happiness, growth and development. The author shows us the true love and amazing bond between mother and child, as mother nourishes her child to discover herself, her purpose and her passion. As daughter grows, she becomes passionate about protecting the Earth, and the importance of caring for our rivers. Most prominently though, the book beautifully describes how each and every person has a unique purpose in life. Mama helps her daughter to see her inner shining light and guides her to understand what her light means. Nadeau's writing makes you feel the story, as you find yourself looking for your own inner light. The illustrations of Karen Brough bring to life the characters and add depth to the emotions brought forward by this beautiful tale. Children of all ages will fall in love with the characters and be moved to find their own inner light.


 — Green Teacher Magazine



In my village, in west Africa, it is held that each of us comes into this world with a purpose, a gift to deliver. Children and adults alike will recognize the voice of spirit in these pages as they take this gentle journey into remembering who we are and why we are here.

                                                        — Malidoma P. Somé, author of The Healing Wisdom of Africa, Of Water and the Spirit, and Ritual: Power, Healing and Community





LIGHTING THE EARTH portrays a loving, trusting relationship between a mother and daughter, one that brings to light in a child-friendly manner, with beautifully-crafted and realistic illustrations, the universal truth that we are all born with a gift and that our purpose in life is to share that gift with the world. Children and adults will surely love this heart-warming book. I highly recommend it for bedtime reading.”

— Arun Narayan Toké, editor, Skipping Stones Magazine.




“This book is a springboard for insightful classroom discussion. Lighting the Earth has inspired heartwarming dialogues with my students. I love how Diana Lynne Hoffman captures the special relationship between mother and daughter.”


— Sharon McManus, teacher of 43 years, Oyster River Schools



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I just loved this book. As a retired elementary educator, I can easily see children embracing this touching story not to mention the valuable discussions following. There are tender moments between mother and child who show great respect for one another. A valuable teaching tool for children of all ages with engaging illustrations to capture their interest.



I loved this book! I have shared my copy with several people and they have told me how great they thought it was too...It is classified as a children's book but the story relates to all of us....finding our way to our true nature. I think it is a great book for anyone.



A beautiful and original story of a young girl finding the true meaning of her life through the guidance and wisdom of her mother. A great addition for all of our libraries. The amazing and colorful illustrations by Karen Brough make this book a one of a kind.         

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