Quimby's Quandary

by Jerome Vergamini

$17.95 + S/H

Paperback, 202 pages, 7" x 10"



This is a story of a young psychiatrist just starting out in his training, progressing through military service, and evolving as he proceeds into a private practice and beyond. The story depicts his family life as well as his experiences with patients in his journey.

Quimby starts out with some naivete but emerges as a quick-thinking and practical individual who grasps alternative routes to engage his patients. The story encompasses the fears and triumphs of the patients as well as their humanity, and that of Quimby and his family.

This story extends over fifty years. To be able to show a reasonable depiction of that long span, the story is broken into vignettes separated by time, with the earlier more formative years getting more space in the story.


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