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Resilience: A Person, Not Just a Patient

by Angela McCrimmon

Following on from my first book, Can You Hear Me Now: Finding My Voice In A System That Stole It, the progress I’ve made both personally and with Health Care Services is incredible. Once scared into silence, my first book served as a platform to allow me to lift my head and my heart to follow my passion to help others coming into contact with services because of their Mental Health. Understanding that not every service is the right  fit for each person, but feeling intensely that if it wasn’t necessarily going  to be the thing to help least don’t hurt them! I hope that in this book, Resilience, A Person Not Just A Patient, you can feel the hope between the pages, the soul-searching I’ve done to find ways of wellbeing that are finally working for me and above all see the link between our brains, bodies and hearts.


Angela’s work continues to be of such huge importance to our community and country. Her unique insights and her gift of writing convey what many cannot, about struggles and experiences of mental health. This book is vital and so is Angela.

— Hannah Bardell, MP for Livingston. House of Commons, Parliament. London, UK



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110 pages, 7"x10"

ISBN 13 - 978-1-945432-51-4



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