The following steps are required in submitting a manuscript:



  1. A 500 word summary of the main themes, including a clear statement of the relevance of the themes to ecologically sustainable educational reforms. This summary must also include a brief explanation of the audience that is to be reached, as well as a list of other books that deal with related themes.

  2. It is necessary that the author assume certain responsibilities for ensuring accepted manuscripts are published quickly and promoted widely. One of the responsibilities of the author will be to submit a review of the manuscript by three outside reviewers who have an established reputation in a relevant field. Please include reviewers’ contact information, including professional affiliation, email address, and curriculum vita or resume.

  3. Another responsibility of the author is to make certain that the manuscript has been both professionally critiqued and copy-edited. This step is essential to ensuring that the cost of the book or e-book will be kept low, and that the Eco-Justice Press will be able to pay a royalty after the sale of the first 250 copies.



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