The Little Pug’s Dreams

by Anne Dupré

Long ago and far away, the great, great grandparents of pugs today lived in Buddhist temples high in the mountains of Tibet. On moonlit summer nights, the little pugs pressed their flat noses to white moon orchids, glowing like moths flying through a moonbeam. At dawn they lay by blue-green ponds where fat little toads leaped and splashed. The loving companions to the monks lived in harmony with everyone and everything around them.


In the Buddhist tradition, The Little Pug’s Dreams

illustrates the timeless value of mindfulness, compassion, and the awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.


The Little Pug’s Dreams offers a delightful and enriching story for young readers and an inspirational narrative for all ages. Certainly the universal message of compassion and mindfulness to the beauty that surrounds us is more important today than ever.



Praise for The Little Pug's Dreams:

Anne Dupré has skillfully woven four tales that transport us beyond the mundane world. Kukur’s dreams and her ways of relating to human beings raise our consciousness to appreciate the Buddhist values so eloquently expressed in these stories.

A thought-provoking, out of this world read!


Arun N. Toké, Editor

Skipping Stones Magazine




From reviews:

What a beautiful, lyrical, and profoundly meaningful collection of stories! I love the way they are written, Anne Dupre's style in them, the rhythms of her language, how wonderfully sensory they are and how those details work with each story's significance. And the final story is so sweet and moving it almost brought me to tears. Congratulations, Anne Dupre, on an exceptional book!



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