For as long as Sarah could remember she wanted to be a ballerina. While pursuing her dream with single-minded determination, she learns to accept the reality that life doesn’t always bring you to where you want to go. Filled with dreams, memories, and vibrant descriptions of ballets, the story Sarah tells is true to life wrapped in the magic and enchantment that her imagination brings to it. Her experiences, as vivid as if they are happening NOW, are shaped by her love for ballet, her devotion to her little pug, and her appreciation for the beauty in nature.


“What a beautiful, lyrical and profoundly meaningful book. I love Anne Dupré’s style, the rhythms of her language, how wonderfully sensory it is, and how the details work with significance.”

    —Barbara Novack, author of J. W. Valentine, Writer-in-Residence, Molloy College


“A powerful descriptive writer and refreshing story teller.”

    — Elaine E Stillwell, author of The Death of a Child

Where Dreams Live

by Anne Dupré

$15.95 + S/H

Paperback, 224 pages, 5.5" x 8"

ISBN 978-1-945432-49-1

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