Paperback $17.50 + S/H

48 pages, 8.5"x9.44"

ISBN 13 - 978-1-945432-55-2


Young Bear

by Karen Brough

illustrated by Karen Brough and Contributing Artists

Young Bear is a heartwarming delight for readers of all ages.

This mythological tale, set in a mountainous, rural New England village, features enchanting illustrations, poetry, and prose with unfolding events that transpire in both earthly and spirit worlds. The tale includes a tight-knit pagan community and the lives of a pair of Eastern black bears. An elderly farmer lives close to Earth, in harmony with ever changing seasons. His wife leads family and friends in celebration of blended and traditional Celtic nature holidays. A young couple prepares for the birth of their first child. The bears’ lives are disrupted when two strangers come to town, but the uncommon bond between Young Bear and her mate transcends the living world.




Ten percent of 2023 profits from Young Bear has been donated to Habitat for Humanity, and an additional 10% of these profits has been donated to Rainforest Alliance through Royalties4Restitution, a Division of SentientWay, LLC



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